How to configure facebook login api?

    From the Navigation, go to .

  1. Turn the facebook login setting status on.

  2. For the App ID & App Secret, go to and log in your facebook account.

  3. After log in, from the menu go to

    Give your app a display name, your contact email and choose a category for your app. Then create your .

  4. After creating the you will be redirect to your App ID settings.

  5. Go to , fill up the form and in the bottom of the from you will see a button . Click the button and choose website. Then set your website url in this section. [N.B: in the app domain section use “http://”, then

    Go to and make your app public just turning on the switch.

  6. From the , click on the show button to see the App IDApp Secretsave button.

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